All Things Viva Insights

As of March of 2022. This is a work in progress, created for our Microsoft 365 Conference Make-a-thon attendees. Thanks for coming! Information is only as current as date above. Use at your own risk. Cheers!

Start Here for Viva Insights Documentation

FAQ – Personal Insights in Teams

FAQ – Personal Insights – The Briefing Email – has info for both IT Pros and User.

FAQ – Manager Insights

FAQ – Leader Insights – also known as My Organization Insights, so don’t be confused.

FAQ – Advanced Insights

Roles in Viva Insights – this has info on “who can do what” which helpful since there are differences in what is possible based on when licenses are assigned. IMPORTANT NOTE: as the documentation states: these are assigned independently, not cumulative and do not roll up.


Metrics Descriptions

Best Practices – this is a handy starting point to explore best practices on dealing with things like email overload, manager coaching and customer focus.

Your Organizational Data Upload – this info is for your first one.

Languages supported in Viva – it is more complicated than you think.

Pricing for Viva Insights – Personal Insights come with in all Microsoft 365 E3/A3/E5/A5, Office 365 E1/E3/A3/E5/A5, and Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Standard/Premium plans. Manager and Leader Insights and Advanced Insights require Viva Insights licenses.

Pricing for Viva Insights Capacity – You get so many capacity units with Advanced Insights to use for custom analysis a month. Viva Insights Capacity can be purchased to give you more if you need it. How Microsoft puts it: Customers receive one capacity unit per licensed user per month. Customers can use these capacity units—pooled at the tenant level—to access advanced insights capabilities, including custom analysis and preconfigured Power BI analysis templates.

Differential Privacy – is about varying data slightly to protect privacy but doing so in a way that doesn’t impact what you’re measuring. Being introduced first with Manager and Leader Insights.