Five Can’t Miss Yammer Sessions at The SharePoint Conference

In just under a month, I’ll be in Las Vegas attending The SharePoint Conference. In its second year back, the show continues to add valuable content for SharePoint folks but that is in no way its sole purpose. Attendees will have plenty of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Yammer sessions (and much more) to choose from. I picked five Yammer sessions that I think are can’t miss presentations. Hey, all the sessions look good to me but if asked by a first time attendee or someone new to Yammer, these are my five.

What’s New and What’s Next

This is where you’ll get THE word on the latest Yammer happenings. These product leaders, including Murali Sitaram, the Yammer GM, will lay out their big bets for the product. I am excited to get an update on how they are progressing with weaving Yammer into all of Office 365.

What to expect: A full house and a straight-forward road map update. Don’t miss: Steve Nguyen’s positive messages about the value Yammer brings to customers.


How Yammer Security and Management Works Behind the Scenes in a GDPR World

Don’t be put off by the title. If you are battling objections based on security concerns, by the time you leave, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to overcome even the most strident security obstacles. Martina Grom is a seasoned presenter and this session will get you access to one of the planet’s best minds on Yammer.

What to expect: Thoughtful best practices based on years of experience. Don’t miss: the opportunity to ask her your specific questions on Yammer and GDPR.

Hosting and Managing Live Events in Yammer

Live events is a cross product investment that should signal to anyone in your company’s C-suite that Microsoft is serious about employee engagement. This one-two punch of live events and Yammer means your communications and culture initiatives have a modern broadcast tool at their disposal. Very cool but live events can go wrong, so make sure to attend for important tech tips and best practices.

What to expect: a thorough look and demo of live events. Don’t miss: dynamic co-presenters, Michael’s humorous and solid approach and Kasia’s event expertise (TedxSanFrancisco).

How Microsoft Leadership Stays Connected to Their Employees with Yammer

One of the fundamental tenants of enterprise social networking is that, done right, it reduces the power distance between leaders and workforce. As many folks in this ecosystem know, Microsoft has been on a journey to change their culture and Yammer has played a role in that. This session looks to be a lock for on the ground examples of how Microsoft uses Yammer.

What to expect: Great insight from Yammer veteran, Angus Florance. Don’t miss: There may be swag.

Why Yammer is Still the Universe to Me

This is another session presented by Martina Grom. I’ve included it in my top five because this presentation will be a great primer on Yammer’s business value.

What to expect: business stories to take home. Don’t miss: One more chance to get great ESN advice.

The SharePoint Conference is May 21st to May 23rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are planning on going, please consider using my code: SWANN for $50 off. See The SharePoint Conference for more information.