Learn Five Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

We’ve all been there. You’re on a Teams call and an otherwise sweet, normal colleague (or partner or child) starts up a chainsaw behind you. Or a rant. You lunge for the mouse and frantically look for the mute button! Somehow, you can’t seem to get there fast enough, or so it seems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple essential keyboard shortcuts at the ready?

Here are five of my favorite Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts you can learn today. If five seems like too many, pick three. Commit to learning keyboard shortcuts and your Teams life will improve.

Get to the top

Everyone wants to find stuff. Teams describes this shortcut as “Go to Search.” With a Ctrl+E you’ll go to what I call the command line of Teams. You can get to the Search box in other ways. You can hit Ctrl+/ (Control Key plus the forward slash) to get there and invoke commands. Either way, remember, if you want to get to the top, Ctrl+E will get you there.

Three on and off switches

Meetings and calls are no time to be scrambling for the on and off switches. The Teams team has conveniently created keyboard shortcuts for video, audio, and blur. Toggles are:

Ctrl+Shift+O to turn your camera on and off. Here is a mnemonic. Control Shift Oh no, my video is on.

Ctrl+Shift+M to mute yourself (and others in microphone range)

Ctrl+Shift+P for that background blur look

A word on background blur. If you try it and it doesn’t work, you are not alone. It might be your aging gear. Tony Redmond gets into a bit of the tech reasons in his excellent blog here.

Where are my files? 

To get to your files quickly, hit Ctrl+6. You will be presented with your Recent files, Teams files, and Downloads in addition to your OneDrive.

Bonus shortcut – Sight for sore eyes

Need a little boost to your eyesight when working late on a Friday night? Zoom is for you. To Zoom in, hit Ctrl+= (Control plus equal sign) and to Zoom right back out, hit Ctrl+- (Control plus the minus sign).

To find the keyboard shortcuts in Teams, click on your profile picture and you’ll see it on the menu. Or, “/keys” in the box at the top of Teams will get you the list too.

Favorite Five Shortcuts 

These are mine. If you have favorites, I’d love to hear which ones you use most.