Notifications in Microsoft Teams: Understanding Your Options

Part of being productive is knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it. Microsoft Teams has a healthy list of notifications to help you with that, but the options can be overwhelming. In this blog, I’ll break down those options so you can see what makes the most sense for you.

Where are they? 

Notifications are easy to find. First, click your profile picture. Then select settings, then notifications. Your choices begin there.


Three Categories

Notifications are clumped in three categories: messages, mentions, and the catch-all, other. There are thirteen features that you can tinker with and decide what notifications to receive. Each of those come with variations, which I will explain soon. But first…

What can I just turn off?

There are nine that can be. Here they are:

  1. Channel Mentions
  2. Team Mentions
  3. Chat Messages
  4. Replies to conversations I started
  5. Replies to conversations i replied to
  7. Team Membership changes
  8. Team Role changes
  9. Sound

What are my options? 

Most of your choices come down to these three. You can be notified:

  1. In the banner and email
  2. Just via the banner
  3. Or just leave it to be shown only in the feed

Those scenarios cover the nine I mentioned previously plus Personal Mentions and Followed Channels.

Three from “Other”

There are three features or options that don’t fit that pattern.

  1. Sound
  2. Email Frequency
  3. Chat with Skype for Business

Sound can be just call, mention, or chat or it can be all or off. Frequency of email can be as soon as possible, every ten minutes or every hour. Finally, Chat with Skype for Business can either be enabled or disabled. If you change that one, you’ll need to restart the app.

Full Options List for Notifications

Here are all the options for notifications as they relate to the feature listed.

All Notifications


For your most productive self, how do you set your notifications? I’d love to hear about your Microsoft Team experiences, drop me a note below!

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